Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Once I got back from Dad's, (he's doing better, by the way) I was able to do some serious stitching on the bag for the swap. Here you see a sneak view of what I've done. I'm not sure when I can show you the whole thing. Probably not until I send it off to the recipient. I'm not completely done with it. Still need some finishing touches.

After I sat through a two-hour Scentsy webinar (lots of new and exciting information for the coming Fall months) I decided to work with the Kiddie Blocks. I was going to just unstitch them but found that was going to take too long and I would need to square them up afterwards anyway. So, I just cut them from the plain yellow fabric just inside the seam line. I washed the quilt top prior to working with it, but I still see some stains on some of the blocks. And, the blocks have really yellowed with age. Some more than others. I'm almost afraid to try any stain removal because I don't want the paint to get any dimmer. I can't believe how well the paint has held on!

Again, it's time to get to bed. I will probably take Dad to Lubbock tomorrow since we missed last Monday. He's doing so much better now that he and I will probably head out by ourselves.


Myra said...

Good to hear your father is doing much better. That's wonderful.... 8-)
So far the bag looks great! What we can see of it anyway.... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Sharyn said...

Hi Veronica, another hairdresser/quilter here. A few years ago it came down to my hand and hairdressing or quilting...quilting won :-) Took me about a week to quit missing doing hair, but I still miss regular keeping up with my clients.
Happy Quilting, Sharyn/KalamaQuilts