Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fabulous flooring and a curly Joe

Curly Joe! Yes, folks, his hair is naturally curly. Now I wonder why, when he was about three or four, did I perm his hair? I guess I needed the experience. I have to admit..I have two handsome sons. :-)
This is the new floor in Dad's kitchen and the picture below shows part of the dining room floor. Things have not all been put back but it looks great.


Fruit of her hands said...

Veronica~ Love the flooring, seems like all the wood floors I see are so dark and I don't like dark for floors. Hope you Dad enjoys it.

Wilma NC said...

Nice floor, and good looking son. I, too, have naturally curly hair, which is another way to say, my hair is always messy, and never looks the same way 2 days in a row, lol.