Friday, May 15, 2009

One year old birthday gift

Have I ever told you how nice it is to be able to work on small projects between the big ones? I really, really like to sit down and finish a sewing project from beginning to end in one evening. Tonight, I made this little cloth book for Mattie's first birthday. Mattie is April, my daughter-in-law's, niece. There is definitely reason to celebrate her first birthday since she had a rough time the first few months of her life. Mattie has grown so much this first year and is a beautiful little girl and my granddaughter's cousin.

My kids, my sister and I had our usual Friday night dinner date at Juanito's tonight. I brought home some enchiladas for Grampa Jim. He was tired and wanted to watch boxing. We sent big Grampo a stuffed sopapilla. Little Miss K. was a sweet baby and slept through most of the dinner conversation flowing all around her.

I am now working on BullsEye blocks for a swap with my online group, Quilts on Review. I'll post pictures when I get more done.

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Velvet said...

Oh!! Thanks for sharing the idea!! I'm just looking for a gift for my niece!!