Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She's growing so fast!

Here is Kerrington. On the left, she is one week old and on the right, she is two months old. Unbelievable how quickly these babies grow!

I have been too busy to sew. Betcha never thought I'd say that! Taking care of Kerrington is a breeze. Combine that with staying with Dad all afternoon makes it a little harder. Dad has had a bit of a setback lately with his legs hurting enough that he has a hard time walking. So, someone has to be with him all the time to help him to the bathroom and back to bed and/or his motorized chair. But, Kerrington has been an angel during these afternoons. Maybe she knows I need her to be sweet while tending to "Big Grampo". Dad has really enjoyed having her there. She smiles at him and he loves it.

They have put in a new floor at Dad's, in the kitchen, dining room, laundry room and front bathroom. That, too, has been a bit of a trial the last few days. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the final day of all the installation. It is looking great. I hope I remember to take my camera to take pictures of the new floor.

I do have some sewing projects in progress. I am working on quilting a top for a client, a tablerunner for the same client, some pillowcases and my BOMs. I took a few stitches on one of them today while at Dad's but it was almost a waste of time taking it out of my bag. Dad's beeper worked overtime today. lol That's ok. I'll get them done eventually.

Almost bedtime again. Will take another Benadryl to dry up my nocturnal sinus drainage. Took one last night and it worked wonders. First time I didn't have a coughing fit in a week. Goodnight!

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Shiree said...

Hi Veronica,
I am surprised if you do find time for stitching, what a beautiful wee granddaughter! babies are great time wasters huh...