Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday snippets

Just a quick post to show you what I did last night. This zebra print purse will be a good friend's gift to her granddaughter on her 15th birthday. The young lady is into all things zebra these days. I also made her a zebra headband.

Dad has not had anything done as of yet. The shot that will begin to work on the prostate cancer will be given to him on Tuesday unless he can convince the doc that he really wants the surgery. These shots are given every 3 months, are very expensive and apparently have the same side effects as chemotherapy. The surgery will do the same thing that the shots are designed to do, but on a permanent basis and, of course, is only done once. I'll update as soon as I know. In the meantime, we're doing pain management. Dad seems to be handling the whole situation about as well as can be expected. He has his low moments but he has been more like his old self every now and then.

Please keep my daughter-in-law and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Her step grandmother has taken a turn for the worse and is in the hospital in Lubbock in critical condition, as I understand it. April and Rob will head there this morning. That, of course, means that Auntie Judy gets another day with Miss K. since I have to work - boo hoo. But, I get to watch her when I get off work.

Time to get ready. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and be safe!

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Wilma NC said...

Love the purse!! My thoughts are with you and your family.