Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting a jump on July

I think it was Judy that pointed me toward this pattern, or it may have been April. At any rate this 4th of July tablerunner pattern was easy enough to look at and decipher. The link may not show the picture, but if you find "Red, White and Bold" in the column at the left of that page, I think you can get it. I added borders since my table is big enough to accommodate this size. It still needs a binding. I told Judy last night that I just didn't have the "uumph" to do that after all we did yesterday.

Not that we did a lot. lol I made breakfast for Jim and Rob then watched Jim work on Rob's back. I hope you're feeling better soon, Rob! Then Judy and I did our Sunday Walmart visit. I did Dad's shopping and also bought goodies for a little Father's Day BBQ at Dad's. Judy put together a fruit pizza since I wouldn't do it, lol, and it came out great. Such a nice, summer dessert. I cooked hamburgers and sausages on the grill and opened a few bags of chips. It was so hot outside I could barely see when I got back in from the grill. My contacts were in dire need of some moisture by then.

When we first got to Dad's, Joe helped us unload groceries and then he put Dad's new computer chair together. Dad has been needing a chair he can get out of easier. Now he has no excuse not to get on the computer! It's a simple little "guest" chair I found at Office Max. The seat sits high enough that he can pull himself out of it very easily. Judy bought him several items including a new belt, a new bag for the walker and new socks.

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