Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just playing

Let's see...I could be working on the disappearing 9 patch or the Star Lights or the DWR but, no, I made another bag. These are fun to make. I used, as the base of this bag, two placemats. I fused fabric to one side of the placemat, sewed pockets on both sides of each mat, put in a zipper and zipper pulls and sewed the bottom and sides and there you go. The only batting I used is in the handles. That helps to give them a bit more body. The purse itself stands on it's own with the fusible web.
It's been a stormy night. Not so much here as just east of us. I've been watching the radar from Cannon since one of my friends is stuck on the road midway between here and Lubbock. I hope they stay put until the worst is past.

Tomorrow night I will hopefully have the disappearing 9 patch top finished. I'm putting it on point, so I had to cut some setting triangles to go around the edges. I don't think I'll add another border.

I better get ready for bed. I'd like to get at least 7 hours of sleep sometime!


Gina said...

love the colours in your bag.

love and hugs xx

Pat said...

That is one cool purse! Where did you find the link to make that or are y'all just really creative :)

well wishes to your friends got in the storm...