Thursday, June 19, 2008

Link to Disappearing 9-Patch tutorial

I have tried and tried again to link the 9-patch tutorial but can't get it to work. It keeps telling me it "can't find that blog". If you do a search for "disappearing 9-patch block" you can find the link. I'll post a short version as soon as I work up a few more blocks.
After browsing through a magazine that Deborah gave me for my birthday, I found another 4th of July runner to work on. This one is made with these Courthouse blocks. Good pattern to use up my patriotic scrap pile.

I finished the courthouse steps tonight but will not quilt it just yet. Won't take too long to do that, but I'm not in the mood. Instead, I decided to do a little crocheting. One of our customers told me that she is making these preemie caps and so, nothin' doin' but I HAD to try my hand at it. I still need to thread some ribbon through the little holes in the cap. These are easy to make once you get the pattern figured out. I think I'll round up my scrap yarn to see how many of these I can whip up. It's a nice change from the sewing machine.

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Mama Koch said... there a pattern for this premie cap? It's darling!