Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday pumpkins

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Okay, so I should've gotten up, since I was up early with the time change, and gone to church. But, I didn't. Instead, I worked on this little tabletopper that I've been wanting to do for a while. Never mind that I have TONS of stuff left to do before I leave for Houston on Wednesday! Let's see...need to finish gathering fabric and tools for the classes, laundry, shopping, bill paying, finishing little gifties for the trip, getting the house ready for the cleaning ladies on Wed. morning, laundry (I know, I said that twice, and it will take all 3 days to do laundry!) Whew! I'm tired just thinking of it. Plus, gotta get to the gym in order to find all the energy needed for the aforementioned chores!

Saturday was a busy day since a lot of my customers needed major jobs done before I left town. I love my customers...thank you!! I had a couple of requests from the other side of the building for seasonal tablerunners. Guess I'll load up on fabric for those while in Houston.

Time to quit procrastinating. What to do first? Oh yes, I want to get the binding on a runner so I can hand finish it while "talking" on the 'puter with friends and family. It's hard to quilt with quilting gloves and then turn to type. So, I find myself doing hand work while visiting online. You'd be surprised how much gets done!

One final tidbit...looks like we're actively looking for a new vehicle for me. Son Joe in OKC is selling cars these days and is helping us look for something new and wonderful. Maybe a jeep something or other...? We'll see if they (Jim, Rob and Joe) have something for me when I get back from Houston.


Norma said...

Your pumpkin table runner is gorgeous! Enjoy Houston!

Linda_J said...

oh this is way cute! Looks like a fun piece--you were on a roll with those runners!

Shelina said...

Have a great time in Houston! And something to look forward to when you come back - a new car.

Angie said...

That pumpkin topper is gorgeous, Veronica! Girl, you are really on a roll! Do you mind sharing what pattern that is that you used for this topper? I would love to be going to Houston! Have fun for all of us!