Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday night

Here's a little quilt entrusted to me to quilt. One of my co-workers brought it over to me the other day and said "she wants you to quilt this for her." Apparently, Clint, my co-worker had a client that saw my quilts hanging at the shop and she decided I had to do this for her. She did a wonderful job with the machine applique and I have to admit I was a little nervous about doing it. But, I just did an all-over stipple design with a little wavy stitch down the green border strip. But, I don't know if she wants me to finish it!


I hope she calls soon or comes by the shop. It would be so easy to finish it off now, but I don't know if she has the binding ready to go or just how she plans to finish it. At any rate, it's quilted. Now I need some advice as to how to charge for this. I don't usually have a problem stating a price, but I don't want to cheat her or short-change myself this time. Anyone know a good rule to go by?

Judy and I got to the gym for about an hour tonight. It was a little better for me. I did not go into a tailspin while doing my crunches. We didn't do much cardio but we did do our weight routine. We'll get it together again. I actually had two people today ask me how much weight I've lost! lol

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Norma said...

Long arm quilters charge by the square inch. Length x width x rate per square inch. It wouldn't be hard to find out what rate the long armers charge in your area. Then apply their formula. If it seems reasonable, that is what I would charge. I have a long arm and am currently charging one and one half cents per square inch for simple patterns. Just a suggestion. Of course if she wants you to bind the quilt you will have to add extra for that.

Linda_J said...

What a cute wall hanging! I assume that you okay'd the quilting part and she didn't just dump it off on you? Oh, something going out in the mail to you tomorrow! You can guess what, LOL.