Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ever made a mistake...?

I need to learn to post the picture then come back to edit the copy. When I do it all through Picasa, it doesn't always post and then I lose all that I've "talked". That was not my first mistake today.

The picture you see shows a snowman block done the right way. The triangles around it, if you look closely, will never resemble that block. And, that's the way I had all four of them at first! Perhaps I should follow the old admonition, "make a sample block, dummy!" lol No, I thought the pictures and instructions in the Fons and Porter Christmas issue '05 were clear and precise and I would have no trouble. Well, the instructions are good, it's the reader that wasn't.

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Linda, do you have a cute little snowman block for your December wallhanging? This would be a nice one. It measures only 7 1/2" but you could add a little border. Hmm..maybe I should start a monthly hanging? I may have to get the instructions for the base from you.

I'm going to finish the other two blocks the right way then I'm going to go color my hair. I thought I would let the black color grow off, then color my gray hair a light ash brown and do some highlights but it just looks horrible at this point. I can't go to Houston looking like this. Then there's laundry to do and James wants to go car window shopping. We'll see...I think it's warming up enough outside that he can go golfing.

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Linda_J said...

Nope, got December/January to go yet. It calls for a fusible Santa and you use the house block when it isn't anything in particular.

I do have that magazine though and thought at the time that it was cuter than the dickens!

And mistakes?---I've made more than I can count, LOL.