Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Circle gone awry...


I have wanted to make one of these Dresden plate designs for a long time. The plate, I'm happy with. The circle I put it on...well, let me say that here is another one I'm not pleased with. Why do I do these things? Because I have to! lol I really need to take more time measuring. No, instead I 'wing' it and I know I'm not going to like it, but I think, "maybe this time, I'll be lucky!" How's that for an optimistic point of view! Oh well, maybe the table this will go one won't be that round, either. Yeah, right! I think I will make more blocks with the dresden pattern, though. I really liked the process.

I really am a little embarrassed to show you this picture, but I know you will be kind. I love quilters!

I'm off to shower and get ready for work. I think I overdid yesterday what with my 30 minute visit to the gym and all. I didn't sleep well last night and I'm very tired now. I'll only work until noon or so today so maybe I can come home and take a nap. I've GOT to get my Fall secret pal package packed up and ready to go. I also have a few goodies I need to send to my DGD for Halloween. Cleaning ladies come today, yeayyy! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hey Chickie,
They won't be able to tell that the circle isn't round unless they're swinging from the chandelier above it so don't worry about it. ;-)

Pam's Creative Mind said...

Put it on the table and enjoy it. If you hadn't of said anything I, for one, would not have noticed. LOL