Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A couple of wallhangings


This little turkey hanging is a gift to me! One of my friends, Sherry, on QOR, included it in her Secret Pal package to me. Isn't it wonderful?! It's all hand appliqued and hand quilted. She also sent me 3 yards of different Fall fabrics and assorted notions. This swap is always so much fun.

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And, here it is. I thought these little snowmen would work into a tablerunner, but I didn't like the way they would've lined up in a long runner, so I put them together like the instructions called for. I had a little trouble when I decided to put the snowmen on point and added corner triangles. I had them all quilted and the whole thing started waving along the edges. Too much bias... So, I laid it on the cutting table and whacked off the triangles. That's why you see a sliver of different color outside the blue border. The center snowman was made by a friend of mine a few years ago. It's a lapel pin. Can be removed and worn. At any rate, I wanted it big enough to hang in my sister's office, but I'm not sure it is (big enough). So, Judy, if you want it, holler.

I spent an hour with Gladys yesterday helping her finish her reversible quilt. Her machine started acting up, so I packed it all up and brought it home to finish. I just put her quilted blocks together and attached the binding. She turned it to the back by hand. She's happy with it and I'm happy I was able to help her do that. She's talking about starting another one now! Go, Gladys!

Another visit to the doc today. Man! Am I ever going to get rid of this? Dizzies are all but gone, but I still have a lot of "fullness" in my ears. They gave me a Kenalog shot since I guess they think I'm having a severe allergy problem. Also gave me Clarinex and I think that has helped more than anything.

Time to look over my supply list for Houston. I've GOT to get things together. Next Wednesday will be here before we know it.


Pam's Creative Mind said...

DARLING snowmen!!! DARLING. My bathroom is done in snowmen each year, you will find my snowman wallhanging posted on Feb 5, 06 of my blog. I really like yours and might have to give it a try, cute cute cute!

Angie said...

What adorable wall hangings! And aren't you the lucky one receiving the first one as a gift!! :D

Linda_J said...

I love those snowmen---I may never get mine done up but I can certainly admire yours! Pam wondered if you had seen her Friendship Star as you, me and Cher were among the piecers. Mine is on my UFO list and showed what I did have done on my blog before I had to put it aside for Christmas quilts and round robins or some such thing, LOL.