Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quilter's bag

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Here's a quick little bag I made to hold goodies for my Fall Secret Pal on QOR. I'd forgotten about these patterns. They're easy to do and make a nice little bag to put gifts in. Can you see the spools in the pink panel? DH had a hard time making them out. He thought it looked more like "windows". Finally had to point them out to him.

Feeling much better today. Still a bit dizzy upon rising from the bed, but I can breathe better. Time to get ready for work.


Linda_J said...

What a cute bag! You do the best work and hey, what do those boys know about quilting??? Maybe if you had alternated the spools, horizontally and then vertically they would have showed up as something he would not have thought were windows?? Everyone's a critic, LOL.

Take a look at my spot when you get a chance---turkey looks good up on the calendar quilt! Thanks again. I should have linked back to you though--just being lazy.

Angie said...

That bag is adorable!! Can I PLEASE be your secret pal???????? *HUGE G* I bet if I tell you I immediately saw the spools of thread on it that I win one for the right answer, right???? ROFL

Hedgehog said...

This is adorable bag!