Sunday, October 15, 2006

Still dizzy....after all these meds!

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This block is the one I'm going to use to make up some quick Christmas tablerunners. It will be interesting to see how the runners come out since I am STILL dizzy! I guess it's another trip to the doc's tomorrow. I can still feel pressure in my ears. No pain, thank goodness, just pressure and vertigo.

Okay, enough about my health status. Back to the block...This is a block from Quilter's Cache. I think it's labeled "Christmas Block". It's the last pattern with the word Christmas, anyway. The picture makes it look as if the left corner is not square, but the angle I held the camera and the waviness of the flannel under the block is what caused that. It really is 12 1/2".

I have finished the Advent quilts. Well, I'm tacking the binding on 7 more today. Then, I will add the prairie points and quilt the big quilt. I am so excited to have finally made this quilt. It is definitely one that I will keep. Have always wanted an Advent quilt but never got around to making one for my kids when they were home. This little quilt I made for Leota's grandkids about 10 years ago. Back when I didn't pay attention, much, to how the batting was going to act. So, it's a little wonky, but it works. They can put candy canes in the little pockets to countdown 'til Christmas.

Funny how you look back on projects and think, "I did that!" Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

Hey Jude! Missin' you here, my workout buddy! But, that's ok, since I can't get to the gym feeling like this. I spent the better part of the evening in bed with my laptop last night watching "Mr. Jones", a Richard Gere movie. Not my favorite...

I think Jim finished up the breakfast dishes so I will get back to the Christmas blocks. Oh, I nearly forgot! I have another commission to do anothe turkey runner. Guess I'd better get that going, too.

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