Friday, October 13, 2006

Turkey time?


One more turkey runner. Actually, I made one day a few days ago and I did the cross-hatching on it as Linda suggested. Didn't take a picture of it and one of my customers bought it yesterday! So, I decided to make another one yesterday afternoon and finished quilting it this morning. This one I did a loopy stipple and it looks alright. I'll lay it out on my cabinet at work and see if I get another bite! lol

Still a bit dizzy this a.m. Coughed some last night. I was telling Judy that maybe I need to have my glasses checked since I seem to have more dizziness when I take my contacts out and put on my glasses. But, it may just be the state I'm in right now.

I better jump in the shower. Well, jump is too optimistic a word what with the way I'm feeling! lol It's more like ease my way into and lean against the wall. This, too, shall pass.... Posted by Picasa


Angie said...

Cute runner! And great that you sold the one before it "sew" quickly!! :D Hope you're feeling better soon!

Patti said...

Feel better soon, OK? That sounds like no fun at all. Congratulations on selling the runner!

Linda_J said...

Wow, the one turkey can barely enough time to cool down before your client ran off with it! You must be getting to be a whiz at making these now! I thought that turquoise background was so pretty on the first one but the tan looks good too.

Hope this weekend gives you a chance to kick that bug!

EileenKNY said...

You be careful with the dizzies! The world will still be waiting when you're back to 100%.
Love the runner, hope it sells for you.