Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Change of pace

We finally decided to take down those hair posters after 15 years. Can you believe it? Those posters did their job, though. That morning sun is so bright that Leota would actually wear her shades for an hour or so in the morning while working on her first client. I'd been wanting to make curtains for these windows for a long time. Leota found the spring rods needed and I ran to Ben Franklin's yesterday and found the fabric I wanted to use. I also am making green ones for the windows on Joy's side of the building. What a difference they have made! I wish I had a before shot, but I don't think I even want to remember what it looked like! I still have three more mauve curtains to make and two more green ones. I'll try to get a few done tonight, but I've got to get my stuff ready for the presentation tomorrow.


I'm really looking forward to this presentation at the Sewing Basket tomorrow. I can't wait to show the ladies how to do the reversible quilt technique. I think I'll forego my gym visit tonight since I still need to fix dinner. I'll probably spend most of the night in the sewing room. Since Judy's in Albuquerque, having dinner with Governor Bill Richardson, I'll wait for her to go to the gym tomorrow night. Posted by Picasa

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Linda_J said...

It looks like a nice clean look at the shop. Sorry I haven't been over here for a couple days. Looks like you had a great time on your trip---were the boys riding or walking? I go out with DJ every once in a while but just to keep him company. Golf is such an exercise in futility for me--if there is water, I'm in it even if it is just a puddle!