Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still under the weather

In light of Linda's talk about the t-shirt quilts she's working on, I thought I'd show you the one I made for my son, the golfer. I made this one last year. This was before I quilted it. I just stitched lines across the blocks in an "X" to hold them all in place. It was one of the most popular quilts at the quilt show last year (among my quilt display).

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I did go to work this morning, took Dad to his cardiac 6-month follow-up, went back to work and got home around 2:30. I then spent the rest of the day and evening in the bed with the dizzies again. And, I've been coughing more tonight. I'm feeling a little better now that it's almost bedtime.

I had a pleasant surprise at work. One of the ladies that sat in on my reversible quilt technique demo came in for a haircut and brought along a baby quilt she'd made with that technique. She is quite an accomplished machine embroiderer and the quilt was just adorable. She said she really enjoyed working with the reversible technique and it really did work up fast for her. I'm always so happy to see how I've been able to help someone do something easier.

I did make another little quilt for the Advent quilt this afternoon, before I went to bed, but I'm not sure I like it. I may have to do it over. I should know better than to try to sew while dizzy! lol

My youngest son called to check on me this afternoon. Always a nice surprise. Then, I "talked" to my oldest son online tonight. I had my laptop in bed with me. I love my laptop...

Here's hoping for a better, more productive day tomorrow.

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Linda_J said...

The quilt looks wonderful, Veronica. The golf balls and tees were the perfect fabric to use for sashing. I like the red stitched in stars as well for contrast too. (I'm into the 2nd cutting on mine now and then EQ designing once done with that)

How gratifying to know that you were a help to a budding quilter by what you showed them about reversible quilts!