Monday, March 12, 2007

Bloomin' DWR finished!

Can you stand one more picture of this DWR? lol I was bound and determined to get this project done way before the Amarillo retreat so I wouldn't have to stress over it. And, I did! All I need now is the label on the back and, perhaps, buttons to go in the center of the cornerstones. I found some last night at Wal Mart, but I am still two buttons short so I'll look again today when Judy and I go to Amarillo. She has an appointment at the dermatologist's and I'm riding along.

What a story about that kidnapped baby in Lubbock! And then to find her in Clovis! Right here in our little town. Then, this morning, Jim says, "that kidnapper lives on my route!" So, had he been delivering mail while they were doing the investigating, he would've seen it all "go down"! lol

I mentioned going to Amarillo today. That's contingent on how Dad is feeling when we go see him before we leave. He was not doing very well yesterday. That fluid is building up again and I'm not sure the diuretics they have him on are doing the trick fast enough. I'd hate for him to have to take the heavy duty diuretic he was on right before he had his low sugar spell. I still think we need to get back to the heart doc in Lubbock, maybe even before his regular check up in April. The doc here is ok, but it's hard when they all start prescribing different things.

I'm off to get ready for the day. Everyone feeling the effects of the time change? I was so surprised to see how dark it still was at 7 a.m.


Susan said...

Love the finished pic! The back is great. That was spring something, and it was in McCall's a few years back. My best friend and I made them out of blue snowflake fabrics, hers was dark and mine was light blue. I also quilted about half a dozen, they were very popular for a while! I think it was about 6 years ago that it was in the McCall's.

Hope you get to go to your retreat in Amarillo!

paula, the quilter said...

Love the DWR. It turned out so nice!

Shelina said...

The DWR is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing. I want to make one! Unless you want to give me yours. :)

ForestJane said...

VERY very nice!

I've been watching you show progress pictures of this one - great work!

Patti said...

The wedding ring looks marvelous! You did a beatiful job with this one.