Saturday, March 10, 2007

DWR back

 You are looking at the back of the DWR mentioned in the last few posts. This back is formerly a front that I made up several years ago - like, 10 years ago?! I can't remember the name of the pattern now but I think it had the word "spring" in it. I made a quilt with this pattern for my sister around the same time. I was not as well informed then, as I am now :-), about how to make a quilt hang evenly so her quilt is a little askew. And, after working with the top/back last night, I found it was going to take some squaring up as well. I added the red borders just to make it big enough and then quilted the DWR. Tonight, I plan to work on the binding. I'm going to take the rest of the 5" squares, cut them in half on the bias, sew them all together and make a scrappy binding. Then, I will cut the edges of the quilt to match the curves in the arcs. That's my plan, anyway...

Time to finish getting ready for work. Busy Saturday..
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Linda_J said...

Spring Splash I remembered that is was in a McCall's Quilting publication and did a search on their pages, LOL. June 99.

I have it printed off but never did make one as well but I remember when several people on list thought it might be a good one to try.

Good job on repurposing the wallhanging--now it will look good on both sides of the piece and extand its use!

Mary said...

That's one way to get a UFO off the books! Can't wait to see the finished quilt - I like pieced bindings on scrappy quilts.

Shelina said...

I remember Spring Splash. Almost everybody in my group made one of those. I wanted to make one - but I had, still have, so many other things to make on my list.