Thursday, April 02, 2009

April BOM

Here it is. Good thing these are simple. I can hang it at work tomorrow. I would still like to add a butterfly in the white space above the rabbit. I'll embroider the others I will make.

I've spent the rest of the evening getting my Spring Swap items ready to mail. I hope to get it in the mail by tomorrow or Saturday. It's going to...oops, I can't say yet!

Jim took me to dinner at Applebees tonight. It's always nice when we can get out together. We ran some errands before we ate to take care of income tax preparation. We'll get that in the mail soon, too. Thanks for dinner, honey!

Time for bed. I would've liked to have prepared the other bunny embroideries tonight, but that will have to wait. Oh, Dad is lovin' his power chair! I forgot to take my camera today, but I will remember tomorrow.

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Fruit of her hands said...

Veronica~ Pllllllllllease slow down making these darn things. I am still working on January!!!! You do such good work on those blocks. Loved the little bunny tale...
Have a great Friday