Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dizzy Dame

Not much to write about since Easter. Although, I did wake up with quite a bad case of vertigo on Sunday morning and it got progressively worse on Monday and Tuesday. It only hit me when I would put my head on the pillow and then again when I would get up. The room would just spin for about 15 seconds. So, I had Jim take me to the doctor on Monday afternoon because I just knew that I have a sinus and/or ear infection. They gave me an antibiotic and and anti-dizziness 'script. After only one dose of the antibiotic and a couple of the anti-dizzy pills, I woke up this morning with very little spinning. Thank You, Lord! The PA did say she wants me to take my blood pressure twice a day for 5 days then go back to see her on Monday for a full blood workup. I probably need that anyway since I haven't had a checkup in quite a while. My blood pressure was up a bit during the vertigo episodes and I hope that's all it is. I know I need to lose a lot of weight, but just a 10% loss would help a lot. I'm thinking Jim and I need to start walking in the afternoons, too.

Enough of that. Since I've not felt well enough to tackle the denim quilt lately, I've enjoyed working on little projects. Here's another photo album cover I made last night. This one will cover the second set of pictures of baby Kerrington. I'll have at least 3 little albums of her first few months!
Thank you, Pat H. for the wonderful idea for these book covers.

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Zlaty said...


I hope you feel better soon!
I love the baby album!