Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fruitful Sunday

Another day gone by without working on the denim quilt. But, I did get a few things done. The first photo album cover is for April. She asked me to make one for her little album with a "K" on it. I hope she likes it.

The second cover is for my sis-in-law, Shanon. If you're reading this Shanon, you'll be able to pick it up when you guys come for the weekend this week. Can't wait to see you guys!

Here you see the back of the third cover I worked on this weekend. I've been using ribbon and attaching velcro to the back and the ribbon. Makes for a very neat, nice closure.
This one will go to my sweet daughter-in-law, Brenda, full of pictures of her new little niece, Kerrington.
These "Runaround Bags" are made for friends. I'm not sure I should mention any names because they might be a surprise and I don't want to ruin that! lol Fun to make and only takes 30 minutes, yes, thirty minutes! to make one purse. The hardest part is deciding on the fabric.

A Dad update....He is doing very well getting around on his motorized chair. My son, Joe, who lives with him, attached wheelchair ramps to the front entrance of the house today. A very big thanks to one of my clients who graciously shared the ramps with us. Joe also rearranged their living room today and there is much more room for Dad to move around in now.

It's time for bed since I've got to get up early to go have some blood drawn. It's time for a check up especially since I've had the dizzy spells and the fact that my blood pressure has been on the rise. I've decided that I MUST change my eating habits and start back exercising. This is ridiculous. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that my blood tests come back within normal limits. Thank you!

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Fiona said...

I am definetely sending good vibes your way...... Love the bags especially the black and white one