Friday, April 03, 2009

Dad's new wheels and other things

You can't really see the wheels on Dad's chair, but here he is sitting in it. I made him a little caddy to hang on the arm of the chair to hold the phone and other little things he needs to carry with him.

He has his glasses on in this picture. He looks much better and more like himself when he wears them. He's tired tonight since he's been spending a lot more time sitting up that he used to. But, he's getting around the house so much easier that I think he's enjoying not spending his time in bed.

Check out these basketball shoes!
They're tiny although you can't really tell that in the picture. One of my clients brought them to me for Kerrington. Thanks, Terri!

The beautiful flower arrangement was sent to me for my birthday from my brother, Henry and his wife, Shanon. The picture does not do the flowers justice. They are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for thinking of me, guys! Love ya!

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Zlaty said...

Happy B-day Veronica!

I wish you many more!