Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who's got the blues? Not me!

No way! Not today! I am finished with the denim/levi quilt! And, I got to spend quality time with my sweet Kerrington. I'd say it was a great day all around. The first picture is the front of the quilt. Jim is holding it up.

The second picture is the back of the denim quilt. I didn't use any batting between the jeans fabric and the orange flannel. I weighed the quilt after finishing and was amazed that it only weighed 8.5 lbs. Jim thought it would weigh at least 25 lbs! lol He helped hold it while I finished adding the rows and the binding so he knows how heavy it is.
The third picture is a sample of something called "snap happy purse". But, I think I didn't do it right. You use a metal measuring tape but I think I used one that was too small. Ah well, now I know what to do.

So, this was a good Sunday. I didn't go to Dad's first thing, (my brother was there so he took over breakfast duties) but I did go on over after finishing the quilt. Rob, April and Kerrington were there so we decided to fix tacos. Ok, Henry fixed them and they were "muy deliciosos!" While Henry cooked, I fed and changed Kerrington and held her while she slept. It was bliss. April had brought her little niece, Maddie, for a visit so we had our share of babies today. Maddie is so cute.

Dad tolerated us all and I think he actually enjoyed seeing the little girls there. He loves to see "Terri" lol. I was so proud that he always gets Kerrington's name right, and today, he called her "Terri". Ah, well.

I brought tacos home to Jim and got the laundry started. Then I worked on the snap happy bag.

Dad and I go to Lubbock tomorrow. His right leg has healed completely and the left leg is almost there. Speaking of laundry, I need to get it out of the dryer now.

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Franie said...

Love your denim quilt--the nicest one I have ever seen.