Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back of the bras and Dad

Here's the back of the bra quilt. The borders are not on yet since I still need to quilt them. Actually, I think I'll attach the front and back and batting before I quilt. Sometimes it's easier to do the borders after they're on.

The trip to Lubbock was a good one. The heart doc said that Dad doesn't need to return again until next month. That's only because his blood pressure has been up and they've increased his Lopressor. Before they knew about the increased blood pressure, the doc had said we didn't need to go back for three months. Sure glad Judy reminded me about the B/P. The doc's visit was so fast and we discussed medications and what he should be doing and I flat forgot to mention the blood pressure. Strange thing is that they didn't even check any vitals during the visit. But, the doc said that the results of the heart monitor that was attached to Dad a few weeks ago was ok. That was good news. So, he will begin cardiac rehab here in Clovis and was instructed to get out and walk at least once a day. He's actually been out walking twice nearly every day except when the weather was bad. I think he's ready to start driving soon. We'll see...

Did not work today, but should be in bright and early tomorrow. Well, at least by 9 a.m. LOL I'm so lazy these days. I hope I'm busy, but I also want to get home to finish this quilt. I'm going to drink my Sleepytime, watch Reba and go to bed.

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Shelina said...

Your bra quilt is hilarious! When I first saw it, I was thinking wine glasses, because I just read a post on another blog about wine, but I see it now. I like it. I have a hard time with lining up two sided quilts. Glad your Dad is feeling better and your car troubles are taken care of.