Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cow-oh-boys! quilted

Done! Wow. This little quilt was a bit distracting while quilting. lol The bottom picture is the back of the quilt. I had to piece it, again using the diagonal piecing method. The dot you see is not on the quilt, but came from the flash, I guess. This one did take two days to quilt. I've enjoyed working on the last two quilts, but I'm ready to get back to my quilt-as-you-go blocks.

I received my new extension table today. I bought one several years ago at the Houston show and cannot live without it now. Well, last year, while my brother was lovingly packing the car to get us back home after a visit, he accidently broke the table. He was mortified. He made me order a new one right away and I did. I got the new one soon thereafter, but I have not liked it. It was made from a new and more wonderful type of material. But, I was not happy with it. Just didn't fit my machine right and, yes, it was lighter in weight but because it wasn't as heavy as my first one, it just didn't sit right. Anyhoo, they sent me another one made of the original material and I am happy again!

I have sat here all day wondering if I'm going to make it to the gym tonight. Judy and I have not been in a few days since the weather has been so bad. I just asked her if she was going later, I'd wait for her. But, she's getting her nails done so will not be ready for the gym 'til later. Okay, I'll wait...I really need to go.

Jim was home all day. He helped to hold up the quilts while I photographed them. I guess I shouldn't have asked him to do that since he's home from work because of muscle spasms in his back. He's on meds so maybe he'll be ok.

Off to check to see if the mail is here yet. They didn't deliver on Saturday 'cause of the weather. They're late today. I threatened to call and complain. Since Jim is a mailman, and didn't go to work today, I guess I better leave it alone. :-)

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Linda_J said...

I see it is official--welcome to the stash quilt ring, Veronica!

I can see where you may have been a tad distracted looking at those hunky cowboys. My fabric is not here yet to start on the t-shirt quilt so I'm quilting tomorrow. BUT no hunky guys here to look at. I better since here are 5 WTILs and two of Marilyn's to do. We won't get into how many of my own need attention for right now, LOL.

Love those tilted log cabins--the colors in the blocks look interesting but that set works for orphaned blocks or swap sets that are undersized and so forth. I am sure that the receipient will love the friendship star quilt too--like that stars in the sashing set.

Patti the Hardenbrook Girl said...

Seconding Linda J's welcome, Veronica. So glad to have you here!

EileenKNY said...

Welcome, Veronica. I've been reading your blog for a while, so it's nice to see you on the ring.

Cynthia said...

welcome to the Stash quilt ring.

Mama Koch said...

Welcome to the stash ring. Your cowboy quilt is really cute.

Samantha said...

The cowboy quilt is so much fun!