Wednesday, January 03, 2007

EZ Quilter

Jim and I spent yesterday afternoon setting up my EZ Quilter II. Looks like I need to find bigger clamps to hold the quilt down in front. The clamps that came with it are just too small. Maybe I did something wrong. Actually, once I extend the front frame (we have it at it's smallest in this picture) I think the clamps fit. The piece I have loaded on the frame is a sample sandwich I worked on in Houston during a class. The machine in the picture is a Kenmore that Jim bought me soon after we married so it's about 25 years old. I don't think I'll be able to use it since the feed dogs don't drop and the plate doesn't seem to want to stay in place. I broke a needle the first time I tried quilting last night so I gave it up. It's too hard to work without the clamps holding it down tight anyway. This won't be my permanent set-up because I want a table that extends farther out the back and to the sides. This desk is one that just collects junk so we cleaned it off to try it out.
I have finished the QOR charity quilt and will be mailing it today. I just love working on those individual blocks then sewing them all together. I've got several big tops that need quilting so that's why I was hoping to get my EZ set up and working. After doing the quilt-as-you go method, I have gotten really lazy about working on the big quilts.
Woke up with a headache this morning and a little dizziness and nausea. Hope I'm not coming down with another sinus infection. I feel a bit better after going back to bed and sleeping for about an hour until Dad called to wake me up. Jim left around 6:30 to start his nightmare day at work today. Can't wait to hear all about how much mail they had!
Alright, enough prattling. I've got to get ready for work.

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Shelina said...

Don't have an EZ quilter so can't give you any advice on that. I do have a Kenmore, which has provided me with many years of faithful service. Have you tried taping the feed dog cover down with masking tape?
I too hope that your health problems in the morning were temporary morning crud, and not a start of an illness.