Monday, January 29, 2007

Making progress

Here's the latest picture of Dad. Isn't he looking great?! He's feeling better and really progressing with his cardiac rehab. Here he's sitting in his favorite chair getting ready to call someone on the phone.

These two pictures show the fabric and the contemplated placement of the blocks Judy sewed a few weeks ago. I liked the one on the left, but she decided that she wants to quilt as you go, so she is putting them together as in the picture on the right. You'll be able to see purple pinwheels in each block and she'll be able to put them together block by block as she quilts them.

She is so excited! She was even late to the gym because she was playing with the color placement! I've created a quilting monster! If she didn't have papers to grade and a class to conduct (she teaches online for the Univ. of Phoenix) she would have much more time to sew.

I've been working on another cowboy quilt. One of the girls I work with (you know who you are!) wants one for a friend of her's. I'm piecing the back with different reds from my stash. This one is a little smaller than the first one so I had to play with the measurements some. I bought some black on black fabric for the borders that I put on this afternoon.

I'm set to have a busy day tomorrow. Usually Tuesdays are slow and I get off early, but tomorrow is going to be a moneymaker, thank you, Lord! So, I'd better get to bed. Jim is going to work tomorrow after a week's vacation (actually recovering from a sore back) so it's an early rising.

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Linda_J said...

This WAS a popular quilt if you were commissioned to make another one! Too fun. Good to bust the stas for the backing.

Hope Jim feels sufficiently recovered from his back troubles to return to work.

Your dad looks good---color is good and it sounds like they are pleased with his progress.