Saturday, January 20, 2007

dizzy log cabins

According to my sister, when you put all these blocks together it's "dizzying". LOL Isn't this a cool design? I've got some other orphan blocks I'm thinking might be adaptable to the pattern.
Wow. What a day. Snow has fallen all day long. We probably have about 12 inches of snow out there. I walked to the mailbox to leave some payments to be picked up and was nearly out of breath by the time I trudged through all that snow! I can't imagine having to shovel the stuff!
No wonder Dad had a heart attack.
Jim is not home yet and I have no idea when he'll be in. Talked to him earlier and he said he was getting stuck everytime he turned around. I think he's glad this is his last winter to be a mailman. Luckily, he has a driving route. The first year he worked as a mailman, he had an all-walking route and I remember finding him in nearly waist-deep snow one time. I thought he was going to quit then! That's been 20-something years ago.
Guess I'll go fix some sandwiches to have ready when he does get home. I would rather start quilting !

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paula, the quilter said...

Mmmmmmm... I like these! I'll have to try this technique.