Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TiVo woes, more blocks

I have spent the better part of the evening with technical support concerning my TiVo. The problem I'm having, and have had for a while now, is when I try to transfer a program to my laptop, I only get about 10 to 20 seconds of what was recorded. I finally figured out that it stops transferring right when the channel changes to the program it's supposed to record. Apparently, they don't have a fix, yet. I've been following the message boards that show lots of people are having the same problem. Frustrating... I'm also fighting with them to help me remove the parental control feature! I have never fixed it to where I need a password to record anything but it now asks me for a password and, of course, I don't know it! So, they gave me one to use so I can "unlock" the parental control. Guess they still have a lot of bugs to work out.

Four more heartstring blocks made tonight. Now I just need to find the address so I can mail these off. I thought I had bookmarked the site, but, guess what? I didn't. These are so easy to do and they certainly work on my pile of remnant strips. I had to go buy more muslin today but that's ok since I needed some to make the siggie blocks, too.

I decided not to go to the gym tonight. I'm feeling just a twinge of guilt. Had a busy day at work, finished around 2:30, ran to Dad's, sorted his pills for the week, sang with him while he played the guiter, ran to Ben Franklin's and Hancock's then finally home. It is so great to see Dad feeling well enough to play the guitar and, tonight, Robert said he even played his harmonica! Who knows? Maybe we'll get him to the Senior Center sometime soon. Oh, I even caught him doing a cautious little jig to an old song on television!

Here are the first four siggie blocks for Cynthia's swap. These, too, are easy and fun to make. I will definitely keep this pattern in mind for friendship quilts that need signatures.


Anonymous said...

Great news about your Dad. I'm glad he's feeling so much better and is happier overall. I know that takes a big load off of your shoulders.

I'm green with envy that you are getting so many blocks done. Of course, if I'd quit working late and going home and flopping down in my recliner I could be getting something accomplished too. ;-)

Have a good day.


Shelina said...

Glad your Dad is feeling better.
You've done an excelent job getting the strings blocks and the siggy blocks together. Makes me feel so lazy in comparison!

Cynthia said...

eygglad to hear your dad is feeling better.

Your Siggy blocks look great. I have made 17 so far and i'm hoping to get some more done this weekend.

Your String blocks are looking good also. Today i bought some fabric for the foundation piece and hope to make some more of those soon.