Sunday, January 14, 2007

Icy days, quilty nights

The nights are icy, too, but I don't have to be out in it, thank goodness. So, when I got home yesterday afternoon after work, I decided to put this top together. I've titled it, "Cow-OH-boy!" lol What a fun, quick quilt. I still want to put some borders on it but decided to show you what I did yesterday afternoon and last night after we got back from dinner.
The icy picture is right outstide my front door. The tree to the left is laden down with ice. I hope it doesn't get any heavier or some of the branches may break. The little one to the right looks pretty pitiful with all the ice pulling it's skinny branches down.
I guess we'll spend the day at home today with the weather like it is. Dad is still not feeling 100 percent and his blood pressure is not wanting to cooperate with the medicine. I suppose we'll have to have a talk with the nurse again on Tuesday since Monday is another holiday.
Time to fix a little breakfast. It's so tempting to crawl back under the blankets! I just might do that after we eat. Unless I get a burst of energy to put the borders on the "Cow-Oh-boy" quilt!


Pam said...

YeeHaw!!! did they make cowboys like that way back when??? if they were around I might have been more tempted to be a cowgirl!!!

Linda_J said...

Looking at that icy picture I would be more than tempted to hop back in bed! All these Monday holidays lately so maybe by the time you all need to get back to work, it will have melted off by then. Weather guys think we might be in for some freezing rain, T or W but up in the mid 60s today. Go figure.

I thought that the bra quilt was a stitch and half but those cowboys may have over taken that. Hunky looking guys there!

I am taking the day off so you can catch, up by the way, LOL. I might start my document and assign some numbers for 07 but that might be it. Susie Homemaker chores are popping up today instead of Susie Quilter.

Susan said...

Oh, that's the fabric that was so popular at the retreat last year! I like what you did with it.