Monday, January 08, 2007

Flat tire day and red bras!

Oh boy. I worked on this quilt all morning to get it to the stage where I could take it with me to club. The border is not attached in this picture. I put the black sashings on to connect the blocks. I'll post a picture of the back as soon as I find an appropriate border fabric for it.
Anyway, I worked on it until 11:30 a.m., jumped in the shower and was ready to leave around 12:15. I figured I'd run by the bank and the coffee hut and head on to the meeting at 1:00 p.m. I was about a block from the house when the car I'm driving (Dad's Mitsubishi) started sounding really funny. I began to realize that I probably had a flat so I pulled into the nearest side street to stop and check. Sure enough. The left rear tire was nearly flat as a pancake! I didn't even stop to think. I knew I had to get home. So, I drove really slow and got to my driveway. Robert came and put the donut tire on and drove it to Sears. There goes the meeting.
While we waited, Rob and I grabbed a hamburger and ran more errands. While waiting to pay out at Sears, Dad calls and asks if I could come help him. He was having trouble breathing. Said he just couldn't catch his breath and had not been able to lay down to sleep because he couldn't breathe. I was a little more than worried. I left Rob to finish the tire transaction and headed to Dad's. We spent the afternoon at Dr. Shrader's where they took a chest x-ray and have deemed him to have a "little pneumonia" in one lung. His O2 levels were low enough to warrant oxygen at home, so back home we go to wait for them to bring in the oxygen. He tells me he has felt better tonight. No shortness of breath. We go to Lubbock tomorrow for his cardiac follow-up. Sure hope this oxygen adventure is short-lived and he won't have to use it for long.
I'll miss work tomorrow, so I hope the rest of the week is busy. January is notorious for being a slow month and that does not help to pay the bills.
I wonder if today was just "one of those days"? Everyone I've talked to seems to have had a bad day. Let's pray that tomorrow is much better!! Oh, and now Reba isn't even on TV! They've replaced her show with something about "Gay, Straight or Taken" or some such nonsense.
I think I'm going to get ready for bed. I can't seem to get Blogger to separate my paragraphs. Please forgive me if it looks as though I'm rambling.


joyce said...

I love the Red Bras quilt. What a neat idea.

Susan said...

Hope your dad is feeling better by now. That red bra quilt is great!