Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Heartstrings here, too

With all this talk of Heartstring blocks, I just couldn't resist. Here are the first four I made last night and this afternoon. I worked on these after I messed up my blog layout. Sorry, Judy!

Hopefully, my friends will take pity on me and help me get the Stash quilt link back up. I was trying to add the link when I made such a mess. I thought I was really making some headway working with the html...

Got to work this morning and could hardly work for showing off the cowboy quilt. You should have seen the reactions I got! Everyone thought it was the neatest thing they've ever seen! lol It was kind of funny. Most of the little ladies are well over 60 years old (I know, I'm in my 50's) but to see how the older women react to the quilt is priceless. Even the men thought it was pretty cool.

Back to the Heartstrings...after working on these four, I thought, "sheesh, I could've made four quilted blocks ready to be put together with the reversible quilt method. All I needed was the batting between the muslin and the strips. But, that's another quilt...

Oh boy, Jim just came in and gave me a shoulder rub! What a difference that makes. I had a heachache this morning and Dad made me take an Aleve when I went by to see him. He's doing very well and his cardiac rehab therapist is happy with his progress.

I need to work on some birthday blocks for February. I'd like to try new patterns for these blocks, but it always seems that I'm in a hurry to finish them so I use the tried and true and fast
patterns. We'll probably have leftovers for dinner and I'll wait for Judy to get to the gym.


cher said...

your blocks look great! welcome to the stash the way-it's nice to see one of the first quilters I met online way back when!

ForestJane said...

Your cowboys are cute, and I can see why the people at work were admiring it!

And WTG on your stash blocks too. :)

Welcome to the stash ring!

Judith said...

Welcome to the stashring your blocs look great

Jeanne said...

Hi Veronica -- welcome to the Stash Quilts ring! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.
Jeanne :)

tami said...

The cowboy quilt is really cool. I can see why it was creating a stir at work.

Let me welcome you to the Stash ring as well.

Mary said...

I see we enticed another blogger to make some HeartString blocks! Thanks for participating.

Tazzie said...

Hi there Veronica, I love your heartstrings blocks, they look just super. Also, a belated welcome to the Stash Quilts ring, I'll enjoy stopping by to visit with you!

Linda_J said...

Can you tell I have had my nose to the grindstone a little bit too much lately? I peeked at this when you told me you were doing them but didn't comment--mostly because blogger wasn't letting me see those danged visual verifications at the time.

Did bloggerland lasso another one of us to do strings? Fun, aren't they? Of course with all your experience you would to QAYG!